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Well done mods and admins


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Hi Guys -

As most all members (and some new members) will know I used to run what used to be called the SCP forums, now ACE forums. I stood down mid-way through last year and have (and will continue to) been enjoying being a "normal" member.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank to mods/admins/mechanics for providing this service to us all. I think they are doing a great job - and believe me, it can be a very thankless job!

Just to give the members who've not been involved some idea of what is involved...

Administrating (and moderating) these forums is a daily chore, that's every day - virtually. You get offensive emails, sometimes threats (physical, legal and verbal) from a goodly range of scumbags, you essentially deal with the forum only when there is a problem. You have to chase people for money to continue to provide this for free, find monthly photo contest prizes, organise BBQ's etc

This ensures that we (you and I) get to use the forum without the riff/raff and feel we can post with some measure of security.

Sometimes this gets to the point where you feel like your only involvment in the forums is in your role as a mod or admin -> and you no longer enjoy your time here as "we" members do.

So I'd just like to say thanks - and what a great job I think you guys and gals are doing.

Better you than me laugh.gif

Cheers -

Dave thumb.gif

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You Mods and admins and mechanics have don one heck of a job on moderating this forum and you have done a job well done.

Without the mods, who knows what this forum would have in it


Again, a big thanks to all the mods,admins and mechanics, especially BaZ the man thumb.gif

Cheers Daniel

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laugh.gif Dave you sure do see it diffrently when youve run a forum! When i was "just a normal member" and not modding on any forums i had no appreciation for what was envolved, now that im alot more active in modding 2 diffrent forums i totally understand the tedious junk these guys go through everyday just for the love of the hobby! Good on ya guys as dave said it a fair thankless job but your doing it well. thumb.gif Cheers Andy
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Yea after modding on a largeish US based forum I can honestly say, it truely is a thankless job. I found it funny when I got sent death threats, but they were from 14 yo US born Asian Gangsta Wannabe's LOL.gif I'd probably take it more seriously these days.

You guys are doing a terrific job upholding the 'law of the land' so to speak, and keeping all those undesirables out blush.gifLOL.gif

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Hear Hear!!!

This forum provides endless hours of entertainment when I have an "in the office day" I'd be lost and very bored with out it!!!

The mods/admin/mechs do a FAB job!!!

Well done - you should be very very proud clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif \

My fish also say thanks!!! This forum has saved and made them healthier than I could have ever done alone wub.gifwub.gifwub.gif

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I honestly have no idea how much effort goes into the running of this awesome site

On average, an hour a day per mod / admin, just dealing with admin stuff (emailing members, altering accounts, moving threads, processing classified applications etc).

Then when we have "problem" members, it's much more than that laugh.gif

THEN we get to read all the posts made that day. wink.gif

Thanks for the support everyone. It is a thankless job, and it's nice when you see that people do appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping a large forum running relatively smoothly.


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