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Why you should never make plans


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Well, as alot of us do, a few months ago I got my friend into cichlids by providing him with a few young mbuna to take the place of his tropicals which had died and not been replaced over the last 18 months. Most of them were tetras and such so expected lifespan was reached. Anyway, after i told him all my mbuna would live for 5 years or more, he was quite interested, did a bit of reading and then I helped him get started with a few fish, which he added to a week later with a couple more from a lfs (just quietly I think gav bred them and sold them there LOL.gif ) So anyway, the time came where he wants to expand his collection from 6 fish to about 15, of different variety/colour.

'The January meeting/auction is coming up I say.'

'Sounds great' he says. The fish will be cheap right?

'Cheaper than retail I imagine' I say.

And so it was done, 2 weeks ago, we agreed to make the journey.

About 5 minutes ago, he calls me to ask what time the auction finishes, as he needs to be at a 21st by 8 unsure.gif

Anyway, long story short I'm now scrambling for a ride. blink.gif I think I should be right. I learned a long time ago, back-up plans are essential for the unlicensed. rolleyes.gif But geeze what a hassle. If only everyone loved cichlids as much as me woot.gif

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Hey Duck... can't you get everyone from the 21st to attend the auction (after all they always go into the wee hours don't they and they always have a party-like atmosphere)? LOL! Make a big party of it! That way you get your lift, your mate gets to attend the 21st (and more importantly - the auction!), and you never know there could be some closet cichlid nuts in the breeding of the attendees at the 21st! smile.gif

seriously... good luck in getting a lift – I am sure you will get one! If all else fails I could always drive up from melbourne!



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If you get stuck give me a yell ducky smile.gif

I'm going to a couple of lfs first though, so would be going through your area around 1630.

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