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OT: Good/bad experiences with Amazon


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I found some fish books on Amazon.com but I'm unsure whether to buy them. I was worried it would take the 6 weeks like they say to get to us or I wouldn't get it at all, or I'd have to pay postage on each book as they are from different people.

Anyone bought from Amazon before? What was your experience like?

The good, the bad and the ugly please laugh.gif .

Cheers, Cassandra

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Hi Cassandra,

My experience is positive. Bought the "Jewel of the Rift" video and received it inside of 2 weeks. No probs. at all. On the matter of 6 weeks...I have purchased a few items on Ebay....6 weeks can equal 3+ months wink.gif

merjo smile.gif

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G'day Cassandra

The books can take a while to arrive. sadsmiley02.gif

They do have books that we have difficulty purchasing here. smile.gif

The books can (??) be quite a lot cheaper.

They are very reliable in my experience.

Personally I would post up the books that you are after on the forum. You may be surprised what members have lying around or are able to get at very good prices. thumb.gif

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