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  1. I have 18 moliros in a 4x2 with about 30 demasoni,moliros just starting to hold so will soon be going in their own tank. jim
  2. Heres a pic of my dirty glass,also some moliros in the background cheers jim
  3. Hi ,just wondering if any body has visited aquariums in bangkok?Any must sees? Cheers Jim
  4. thanks for the replies,will see how they go.Will be using only nls no flake. cheers jim
  5. Hi , Has any body had any experience with auto feeders.How do they go for say a month?Especially interested in the cheaper units as would need a few.Have had problems before with family feeding or over feeding fish. Cheers jim
  6. If you look in the tanks of fish to eat at chinatown you will see some large eels . jim
  7. Hi try here for calculator http://users.bigpond.net.au/steve.corbett/steves_tropheus/ cheers jim
  8. Another thing about expanded clay ,it floats cheers jim
  9. My duboisi would be close to full size about 10-11 cm.They have just been moved to this tank by themselves. cheers jim
  10. Hi, My alpha male duboisi has taken over 3/4 of the tank,he has allowed one fish into this area with him.This one fish if it tries to leave is chased back to be with him.This was getting exciting as after 3 days of him displaying I thought I would soon be having mouthfulls(the fish not me).However just sitting down having a cuppa and watching the tank,the fish with the alpha male is displaying to him.Do females display back? Do I have a gay couple? Thanks in advance jim
  11. Hi , I went to my local electrical wholesaler,they did not have them in stock but i ordered in a box of 10 aquastars 10000k for about $120. they work well cheers jim
  12. A shot of one of my illangi,not the best photo though cheers jim
  13. Hi first attempt at uploading photo. Here is one of my moliros.I will try and get some photos of my other tropheus up soon http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c187/jimmilfish/101_1391.jpg' target='_blank'>cheers jim
  14. Jerome's business is underwater garden stuff.url is http://perthcichlid.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=10 cheers jim
  15. Talk to jerome user name punie on west aus forums i got regulator ,bubble counter and glass diffuser for $120 works great \ cheers jim
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