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Using Barley Straw to eliminate Algea


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Saw on the telly last night about using 'Barley Straw' as an effective organic Algea treatment for outdoor ponds. Just put it into a onion bag and drop into the water.

Basically... when Baley Straw decomposes it releases stuff into the water that will stop new algea growing.

Now the issue is that it is not recommended to use in aquariums.

So can someone explain why you could not stuff a handfull into your canister filter to help reduce/stop algea in a Tropical Tank?

EDIT: Googling Links

So has anyone tried it?


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IMO It wont work in the aqaurium because the straw needs bright sunlight to break it down and make the algicide. Therefore putting it in a canister filter would not allow it to work.

Interesting read though. thanks for the links


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Hi Guys,

I would just use a UV sterilizer it kills algae spores you can get a inline for a pond or a hangon for a tank. Even after using it for a week and a half in my 2x6 ft tanks the algae has been reduced.

I think 'Barley Straw' would be a little messy to play with also.



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