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Blue dolphins


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Mine breed at about 5-6cm and babies from that batch are now about 2-3cm thumb.gif

but i have not keept any since and let them spit fry in the tanks.

I must say one thing!!!

What i have noticed in my many many years of fish keeping is that fish that have been captive bred for many gens, tend to breed at a younger and younger age!!! sadsmiley02.gif

I recently had a female frontosa breed at 14mth so ohmy.gif ...they never never stop amazing me !!!! woot.gif

Thanks cool.gif

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also Adult males should have big hump on the head like a front LOL clap.gif

But since they breed so young now!! even b4 hump develops best way is what ducksta said. clap.gif

cheers LOL.gif

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