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Convict Cichlid sick

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IMG_20220723_170623.thumb.jpg.c2691d501da325a63153546df20ee1cd.jpgIMG_20220723_172045.thumb.jpg.8abcb438d393b7970f620576772edcf7.jpgWhat is wrong with this guy? He just finished breeding with the female & was doing an excellent job of keeping the others away then today I see him wedged between the rocks half on his side. I thought he was dead so I go to take him out & he has a burst of energy & swims around all crazy & half sideways if that makes sense. Then he will go back to the rocks & "play dead". It looks like he has become blind. Any help would be appreciated, I don't know anything about fish! 

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It's hard to diagnose from pictures, is that the female above the mail in the second picture?  Does she also have a bloated belly.

What are you water parameters?

Have a look at this post, it will give you an idea of the important information to share.


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