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Hey guys, first time post and it's a question sorry lol..

I have a breeding colony of electric blues 1x male 5x females in a 4ftx2ftx2ft,

A few months back I had bought what thought to be two more juvenile electric blues

But the more I look at them and compare to my other 6 I recon they look like cobolt blues

What is your opinion??

And if they are cobolt blues will they breed with my electric blues ??

I have attached a link via instagram of one of my juvies as I couldn't work out how to do it on the forum lol. (


Thanks in advance guys

Cheers Troy

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Hi Troy and welcome to ACE

the pic is a Ps. callianos or Cobalt Zebra

the chance of cross breeding with your Electric Blues is

nothing you need to worry about IMO

Standard practice is to mix Mbuna and Haplochromides to

minimise any cross breeding but having said that there are

cases of this happening

juvenile EB's are the same grey colour as the females like

most Haplochromides

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Ok thanks...as long as they don't mix breed Iam happy to keep them in the same tank :)... So because I have two and I already milked one making her the female and if they don't cross breed the other must be a male ??

Cheers for the reply

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