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Pike Cichlids on Import list? and some other Qs


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Hey guys,

Was just wondering whether Crenicichla sp. are available in Australia or for import, or anyone imports them... im particularly wanting the C.regani dwarf ones as they look SO AWESOME.

Also could these pike cichlids live happily with geo tapajos?

because i was thinking about changing my tang setup to a S.A tank...

OR would it be possible to have Enantiopus sp. Kilesa in a standard 4ft? (55gal, 180 odd litre) with just bare sand? How many and M:F ratio?

Thanks and looking forward to answers....

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As far as I am aware, no species of Crenicichla is an allowable import and given the common name of Pike Cichlids, I don't imagine they ever would be...

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Species Crenicichla are not an allowed import

we have had 3 species of Crenicichla in the country

C, saxitalis

these were spawned but not regularly many years ago

I doubt these are still about

C. lepidota

these were spawned numerous times and there may still be some out there

C. johanna

these were never spawned to my knowledge but there may still be a few around

I haven't heard of any of the dwarf species appearing out here, but would love

to have both C, regani and C. compressiceps if they do make an appearance

haven't kept Enatiopus so can't advise on that but conditions would be similar for Xenotilapia

you don't give a width for the tank and with Tang sand sifters the footprint of the tank

is what you need to know IMO

I'm pretty sure you have been through the classifieds and know who has them for sale so

send them a PM - Isachooky, Tangka or Shon should be able to answer you question

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No i havnt, im not actually sure what PFK is :D

Now that i look at the width of my tank more closely i doubt kilesa would like it very much in there... i think i will wait for a 4x2x2 or 6x2x2 before i do the sand sifters.

for the tank i have though, im not sure what SA species i can have in there. Would Geos mid the smaller space or do they like it larger?

What small-medium sized americans would you suggest for an american tank?

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I have my E.sp Kilesa in a 4x2x18"tank.A colony of 12.I would have no problems with a smaller colony in a standard 4fter.They are very gentle and hardy fish.The only way to loose them is jumping out (they are very good at that)

E.melanogenys is another matter,they need much more room

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hmmm..............ok thanks,

How many would you suggest for a standard 4 fter? i would say maybe 3 males and 5 females? no worries about them jumping out, i have my tank tightly covered.

What tank mates would you suggest? i would think that leaving as much room as possible for the sand sifters would be the way to go, so no rock work for Altolamps or neolamps....

Maybe 20 or so regular sized cyps? i have some jumbo mpimbwe that havnt coloured at all and have slowly died off from 12 to 3 becasue of slimming disease, im going to sell/trade those 3 in... because i think they are the only ones unaffected.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have spawned Lepidota.

that was several years ago now.

I had trouble raising the fry.

I couldn't get them to eat anything but themselves!!

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