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Advise re pH testers


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To set the scene I have 110 tanks with Apistos /nannochromis needing pH 5.0 or less and the other extreme Tang sandsifters and featherfins needing pH 8.0 or so.

I have purchased 4 pH readers over the years most of which were short lived or seriously inaccurate.I need a pH unit that can service my pH needs and is accurate and long lasting.

The overseas Apisto guys use Hanna products and I have been in contact with the company


Any comments or suggestions????

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Don't any of you guys out there have pH meters.I must say for 25 years I didnt bother.BUT..Ive been trying to breed Nannochromis transvestitus for a couple of years and they kept killing each other.I now have a harmonious pair but need the pH and conductivity very low so the eggs will hatch, I cant just wing it any more.Im using rainwater and a tea made from peat and IAL but my pH meter is hopeless

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Used Hanna pH meter 20 yrs ago and found them very good

I think the distributor was at Warners Bay near Newcastle

I found it annoying calibrating, but when you need something

to be precise with parameters you require you want something

of scientific quality

make sure the probe is replaceable as that is were the

cheaper ones miss out

good luck with the N.transvestitus they are an exquisit species

are you running an RO unit ?

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I'm not a fan of milwaukee. Perhaps that is because my last name is Hanna lol.

I have a Hanna meter and couldn't be happier with it :lol5: They tend to lose about 0.1 units

accuracy if not recallibrated but they are still very good.

I picked mine up whilst in the states through http://www.eseasonge...m/hainpote.html

they may be found cheaper on ebay but haven't checked.

Freshwater would be good with a tds/pH/temp combo pen (the black one)



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Thanks for the feed back.It appears III have to spend some serious money to get a good unit and will check out the suggestions

Link2Hell,I use rainwater not RO as I dislike the waste water from such units and they are bulky and expensive.Living in a semirural environment rainwater has always served me well.

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