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3ft Aquascaping


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Hey Guys.

1st crack at aquascaping my 3fter. It might stay the same it may change.

It has a combination of Texas Holey Rock and dead coral (with crushed granite substrate).

Got some Danios in there doing there thing to cycle at the moment.

Hoping to populate it with fish from the auction in March.

Any suggestions for plants ?



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Yeah nice start.

I like your background. Any chance on letting me know where you picked it up from? I am struggling to find good ones hear in AUS. I sent a few e-mails off to the States over the weekend but never got a response.

I will be setting my first tank up in the next coming months.

Good luck & keep us post

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Is this the sort of thing you meant Ged ? Different territories sort of thing.

Tank seems to be fully cycled and it waiting for a few residents (..courtesy of this weekends auction!)


Mofo (sorry for the late reply), I purchased this background years ago at an LFS on the Northern Beaches. If you are still after one, I should be able to find the details of the store I bought it at.


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Thanks Ged.

Still unsure exactly what I am after but the list is getting smaller.

I am keen on :



Cynotilapia sp hara

Xmas fulu

Labidochromis chisumulae

Labidochromis caeruleus

Maybe a BN or 2

... I have had N.Venustus in the past and love them, but this tank may be a bit small.

I know the fact that it is only a 3ft x 14 x 18 limits my options quite considerably.

I have a couple of 2ft'ers running and ready to deal with any potential aggression issues (or as grow out tanks!)


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Demansoni would go great in that tank size, or maybe some of the lamprologus species, IMO some of those fish listed will ultimately get alittle size on them for the tank size gr8 for younger fish anyway.

looking good :)

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looks good captain jack :)

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