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SMASHED! cobalt blue female, why?


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Two weeks ago came home from work and found a sub dom male dead, he was badly beaten.

Last week, saved my best breeder female from a bad beating, seperated her into one of Matts frysavers for a week and treated her with mela fix. She healed up fine and i put her back in with the main tank on friday night.

Came back from a day at the beach with the fam.. SHe is badly beaten AGAIN!!! scales missing, half of her tail missing and she cant swim properly. She is struggling to maintain buoyancy and swimming on her side and upside down, I moved her into a shallow frysaver at the top of the tank so she can stay upright, I dno if she will last the night.

my tank....std 3ft tank, 8 pieces of mid sized lava rock, coral sand, eheim 2217, internal power head 200L/ph

stocking...2 male cobalts 13-10cm and 5 females ranging from 7-15cm..

also has

10 crabro fry 3-5cm and a reverse trio of crabro approx 13- 15cm.

also has 2 x chilli barbs, 2 serpae tetra as differ fish and also two brsitlnose common for cleanup.

I do weekly water changes at 30% every week.

The agression levels are out of control, i have observed the other smaller females chasing her.

ANy advice would be appreciated, if she recovers should I not put her back in the tank?? what would make this happen?



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Need more females dude. Males will smash a female if it shows no interest in her. More females mean spreaded aggression. Dont put her back in the tank until you have more females. Or take the male out. Re arrange the rocks and add the female. A few days later att the male again

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tank size is my geuss, 3 ft is not alot of room for 10 x 10+cm mbuna when they all like there personal space. I had My polit in a 3x18x18 (bigger again) and they are 6-8cm always had females in the sick bay even with dither fish, moved them 2 a 4x2x2 a week ago and now they are fine :)

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