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Avaliability of Thorichthys helleri and Herichthys bartoni

Canberra Alex

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Hi Alex, i would say proably lost , Thorichthys Helleri is a beautiful & stunning fish similar to Ellioti & Amphilophus Longimanus! I would love to get mi a Pair of those Beauties :drooling: Herichthys Bartoni, awesome fish & very Desireable in the hobby, its also on the endangeded List ! Would love to get them!!

Hey, how did you go wit ellioti's?

Cheers mark

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The T. helleri we had years ago was different to the T.maculapinnis we have now but was sold

under helleri, ellioti, champontonis and aureum

the true T. aureum have been here but were never spawned, I don't know if they have ever come

back into the hobby as was over 20 yrs ago I last saw them

they are a really metallic golden bronze hence the name aureum

haven't heard of bartoni being here but it is possible as there are a few species that are here but

haven't bred

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