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Nice H.guttatus


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Ive waited along time to get these fish back again.Unfortunately there are lots of colourless mixed breeds or poorly culled fish on the market.

These are H.guttatus the species that accounts for most RFJs (lifillili is infact quite rare according to Ted Judy US guru who I.D.ed these)

If they werent such aggressive #@*% then they would be the perfect fish.

Mine put on a show today breeding (which requires no skill!!)



The male



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These guys will breed in the bag coming home from the local fish shop once they mature :thumbup:

Like most west African cichlid the female is the more colourful,a bright orange red cf the male dusky maroon

The water is moderately hard with a pH of 7.3

They are in a 3 ft tank

They have had several species of rainbowfish as tank mates but have beaten them all up so now they have none.

There are 5 in the tank(3 of which have now been removed).

They are fed NLS pellets with occasional frozen bloodworms and live food

Now its summer they get a 70% water change weekly

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RFJs seem most colourful when looking after fry.I love watching the interaction with the parents;chewing food and spitting it in the school,gently retrieving stray fry and spitting them back to where they are supposed to.Ive kept Jewel cichlids a number of times over 35 years of fish keeping and never get bored with them.Anyone with a 3ft tank can have lots of fun with these fish



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