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I'm finally a daddy! My first fry - Julidochromis transcriptus "gombi".


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After around three years of cichlid keeping, I finally have a pair of parents in my tank and some cute little fry. There is quite a nice story behind this family also...

I bought a pair of transcriptus from another forum user around 18 months ago. As I had read in some of my research after deciding to add some julies to my tank that they were generally monogomous and many only ever had one breeding partner, I thought it was important to get a pair that were already bonded.

However, sadly, only a couple of months after adding the pair to my tank, the male managed to find a very small hole in the roof of the tank, where the filter outlet hose went in, and took a leap of faith. I did not find him in time and I was devastated that the partnership had been broken.

Desperate to find a new mate for the female that was left in the tank, I managed to track down a lone male from another fellow 'forumer' and quickly added him to the tank.

And now, another year or so on, they have successfully bred! I did not even know they had laid eggs. I also knew they were quite 'secretive' breeders, and as all my attention had been of my female saulousi who looked like she was holding, not until I saw the tiny fry the other morning did I know they were expecting.

Anyway, clearly I am a little excited, but just thought it would nice to share this story of love, and that after one broken relationship, my female transcriptus was able to find another partner.

Here is an iPhone photo of a couple of the fry. Sorry about the sh*tty quality, I will try and snap a decent one on my DLSR when I get the chance.

Enjoy :)


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Hey mate,

Congrats on your first spawn :thumbup:

The first cichlid I ever spawned happened to be transcriptus 'gombe' also.

Love the blue highlight streak on the edges of their fins.

Goodluck with the fry.



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I love Julies. I have two species here. Regani kipili and a marlieri species. Previously I have had another regani species and ornatus.

Did you know that transciptus gombe are actually a marlieri, and the transcriptus is a misnomer.

If you have got babies that big it is quite likely that there are other smaller one too. The bigger fish tend to become visible when mum and dad want a bit of space to get it on again.

My regani are going off like rabbits, and I am constantly pulling fry. My Marlieri are slower and have 2 fry only.

I find making sure they have a good private cave with a flat surface is the most important thing to get them going strong.

Well done and enjoy a great fish. I would suggest get rid of the africans from the rubbish lake and get more tangs...... :woohoo:


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Thanks Ged!!

Well there you go! Still learning I guess. I wondered why I couldn't find too much info when I search "transcriptus gombi", "marlieri gombe" is coming up with a lot more stuff!

Haha I don't know about completely ditching the Malawis, but now I might split then into lake-specific tanks, or start a julie tank.

Well yeh, these guys have a pretty sweet cave to themselves, and a whole series of passages leading in and out of it. (Which might explain why I never saw the eggs...) And its made out of pretty smooth rocks so seems like they've got an ideal environment.

Hmm yeh I reckon some of the fry are now 10-15mm so they must have been in there a little while now. I have spotted some smaller ones closer to 5mm though, whether or not they're from the same spawn I don't know. I think I have counted 8 altogether.

Approximately how many does a regular julie produce from a single spawn?

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Ahh I see, that makes sense judging from their size(s). I don't know how I didn't spot them any earlier... I would assume though that the fry stay very close to their parents until they are big and confident enough to venture outside their cave?

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No worries! I'm glad to have something to share with everyone :)

I also have a question for anyone that could help...

I am hoping to move my entire tank and its contents down to my new place and I have already, with the help of my local aquarium shop, devised what I think is a good plan. HOWEVER, now that I have the fry, I am wondering when will be an appropriate time for the move?

I don't want to stress the fry OR the parents. And, as there is currently heaps of rocks, caves and therefore hiding places in the tank at the moment, that I will inevitably need to move these in order to catch all the fish and bag them up. BUT I'm hesitant to remove these hiding places and expose the vulnerable fry to the rest of the fish in the tank.

As mentioned above the fry are currently around the 10-12mm mark. And I do not have any other tanks running at the moment that I could use as a holding tank, but DO have a couple of small ones I could set up to use for this purpose if needs be.

Any suggestions or advice?

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WOW! Good effort! Hopefully mine do the same, just might need to find a bigger tank for them... Haha. I've seen 3-5cm juveniles/adults for anywhere between $30-$40.

:spaz: how much!? to think i was going to use thm as feeders..... i had better take better care of these me thinks lol

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i had better take better care of these me thinks lol

Haha yep!!! I'm sure prices will differ from LFS to LFS, and it will depend on the variety and their size, but yeh, from my experience, they're generally not one of the cheaper ones!

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