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What is the difference between Red vs Tangerine zebra?

Also, what species is albino zebra most likely to be?

Thanks in advance.

Red zebra is Pulu point and has red eyes, Tangerine zebra has black eyes, Albino's could be from anywhere as all variant could throw an Albino.

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Thanks for the replies.

Are they the same species, Metriaclima estherae, comes from different locations or just line bred?

I was a bit confused when you said "Red Eyes". My thought was albino red.

Is this what you mean John?


I think my albinos are Metriaclima greshakei. Will post pics when I have time.

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P. esterae are a locale specific species where the females are bright orange with no

other markings on them and the dominant gene for males is blue but there is an

anomally in captive bred fish where the orange gene males are produced at a higher

quantity because the orange males were more in favour in the hobby than the blue

over time and due to poor breeding ethics/knowledge the quality of this species was

compromised and is starting to regain some quality again over the last few years

Pulu Pt have a some what foggy origin but they were a paler form of red zebra that had a

red eye, this was a feature that identified them as opposed to P. zebra "red" which was

what the pale colour fish and fish that had dark marks but weren't OB were classified under

not 100% sure but I believe Albino 's were derived from BB Zebra which is why they have

the faint stripes

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