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Cheapest Place to buy New Life Spectrum 2.27kg.


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G'day guys,

Just been having a surf for the cheapest place to buy New Life Spectrum - Cichlid Formula in the 2.27kg bucket.

Cheapest I could find was $135.24 Delivered to my door in Metro Victoria. I'm not too sure if I am allowed to post where I got it from. So if someone can clarify this first, I am more than happy to disclose.

Just wondering if anyone has found cheaper. If so, please let me know.

Cheers, Joe

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Hi guys.

Actually, that's A.O.A.'s price from memory. I think you'd be hard pushed to get it any cheaper.

It's pretty good value if you develop a feeding program alternating it with other foods (live, frozen, flake etc.)

It can become costly if you use NLS as your sole source of nutrition.

Cheers Cafa

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AoA is actually $139.95 + delivery. Ben will price match, what was the price before delivery in Melbourne. Maybe send Matthew a PM and see what his price is.


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As far as I know our sponsors, AOA, Tank Aquariums and Aquarium Fanatics will price match any advertised price.

Not infact true!

Found a price on Reefonline and put it forward to AOA, Tank Aquariums and Aquarium Fanatics.

Tank Aquariums emailed me back and told me to purchase it from Reefonline as they could not match let alone beat.

Aquarium Fanatics added the $12 shipping cost that Reefonline charged and offered to match it despite the fact they charge less for shipping.

Ben from AOA not only offered to match it but beat it by 10%. His staff are courteous and very knowledgeable and even gave me a further 10% discount on some other items. Flat rate delivery fee at $7.50!

I know where I will be buying my food and supplies from now on.

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