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Crimson tide (Astatotilapia latifasciata) Tankmates


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I have recently inherited a small colony of these guys. LOL after much confusion with the actual species, (thanks ACE forums for clarifying) I am led to believe it would be OK to have another similar Victorian in the tank due to the crimson tide female looking different to most other species females.

I was considering Christmas fulu (xystichochromis phytophagus) or similar as the different diet could be an issue.

What are the thoughts in here on that? Would it be safe as far as hybridisation goes? Or should I just fire up the spare tank?

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Hi Gwandana,

Both these fish are stunning in color, breed like rabbits though :no:

The chance of mixing is high, however, you can try and report back to us their behavior...

Some close friends had tried it and they didn't end up with crossed bred babies, everything went as normal as they do mix in the wild....


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