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hi all i have a bristlenose colony with both long and short fin females and i took all of my S/F males out and put in one albino long fin bristlenose he was fairly large 14cm (thought he was breeding size) after about 2 months no breeding so i put one of my short fins back in on the weekend and within 2 days i had eggs and then when i woke up today i found 5 batchs of eggs some in caves some just on the floor of the tank can the males fan this much eggs? each bath has 20-30eggs and they are being moved around the tank constantly

will the eggs be ok ?

cheers maurice

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The eggs should be attached to the inside of the cave where a male will tend them.

Eggs that break away and free float wont be tended by a male. You can try artificially hatching and raising those fry in a tumbler with very low current.

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Hi Maurice..

Like Duck said, if they have been kicked out, the eggs wont survive unless you do something.

I have found the easiest way is to scoop them up with a net and dangle the net from the top of the tank so the eggs are under the water surface. With the water surface moving around, it will put enough flow over the eggs for them to hatch. Once they have absorbed there yolk sac, I generally just release them back into the tank...

Also you will find that younger males are more keen to breed.. Although you get larger spawns from older bristlenose, they are far less often..

Goodluck and congrats on the spawns..

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