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Lichnochromis Acuticeps Video

malawi sand diver

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I have recently redone my 10 foot tank (again) with a new background plus THR and now am stocking it with the following:

- 10 Lichnochromis Acuticeps

- 5 Electric Yellow

- 2 Taiwan Reef.

The dominant Lichnochromis Acuticeps male seems to like the new arrangement. I have also put in 2 x 4 foot panels of rock background in there but still have to install another 2 foot panel (hence the blue part).

I was over the moon to find the Acuticeps male displaying on the weekend, so I took a video and a few shots of him and posted it on YouTube.

Regards, Rob





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Thanks Matt, Michael

The lethrinops are Living in the sump at the moment, I may put them back up the top at some stage once I can sex some of the smaller ones but basically I have removed any fish that might be dominant over the acuticeps male for the time being. I had to remove zebras, rostratus etc. I left the yellows in there since they stick to the rocks and have been breeding heaps and then there's a pair of taiwan reef for some extra colour.

regards, Rob

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Great Rob

The blue comes and goes so fast

Hes showing lots more colour now , nice on the finage & has heaps of girls to keep him busy

Good to see him doing so well

For a big fish they are so peaceful?

Be interesting to see when he does bred

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Hi guys

The spawning behaviour is similar to other large haps I have kept such as Champsochromis Spilorhynchus and Dimidiochromis Strigatus, in that the male builds a nest always in the back corner of the tank at one end.

How the Acuticeps differ from other large haps is that they only seem to be agressive towards other Acuticeps, and no where near as agressive in general as something like a fusco, spilo or dimidiochromis. In the past I have had some large females in there over 20cm with some 4cm fish and I've hardly ever seen them peck a heterospecific. That's why I have removed a lot of fish out of the tank. I don't want the to get dominated by another species. I had to remove the Taiwan reef pair, as they liked the corner of the tank to spawn aswell and the male would claim that space as his nest. I've got the following in the tank at present: 8 female Acuticeps, 2 male Acuticeps and 5 electric yellows.

Lately the dominant Acuticeps male has been going blue all over, so he loses the black line completely and he goes an awesome metallic blue, with bright green underneath and on the gills and really red fins. One of the most colourful fish I've kept when he's coloured up. I'll keep the post updated if there's any progress breeding them.

Regards, Rob

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