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White fungus issue


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I set up my tank yesterday after being overseas for 18 months and this morning there was a white 'fungus' all over the sand. I have scooped out as much as possible but some still remains. I have a feeling that it has come from the pump. It looks like worms that are curled up.

Can anyone tell me:

- how to get rid of it?

- is it harmful? (there are currently no fish in the tank)

- how long should I wait before putting fish in the tank?



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Hi Drew

welcome to ACE

have a good look at what has formed to determine if it's

a fungus or worms then ...............

strip the tank down and start from scratch

drain it and clean out every thing including the gravel

hose the tank out and give it a wipe over on the inside

with a salt solution then rinse it out

clean the gravel and check what comes out

personally I would spread it out and UV it in the sun or

just go for new substrate (remember to clean it)

any other objects from the tank can be put in a bucket

and soaked in a salt and hot water solution for a day

(or throw it away and replace it) then rinse off


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Thanks Chris, that is not what I wanted to hear but I was expecting it! Will this process be different if it's worms / fungus or is it the same for both?

Also, I have Anubius which is attached to drift wood which has been in the tank, any suggestions on how to sterilise that??

Thanks again


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driftwood and anubius can be soaked in a solution with Condys crystals (Potassium permanganate)

will have to check if I can find the ratio

have a look at this link


but basically everything comes down to ...............

You add just a few grains of this to a container or sink and then add the water. It takes it a little while to dissolve,

but no big deal. Your goal is to get a good dark pink tint to the water. Once you get it a good dark pink to purple

turns brown when exhausted (1hr) , add the plants and give them a bath for a good 15 to 20 minutes or so. Then

drain and add fresh water. Stir in some dechlorinator or hydrogen peroxide, both of which will neutralize PP. You

can go heavy on the dechlorinator, but don’t go overboard on the hydrogen peroxide. Rinse plants again, quickly,

and they should be ready.

only use this outside the tank in a bucket or container

gloves and glasses for safety

never mix with Formalin as it can cause noxious gases


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