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Shells for brevis


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Hi Folks,

I am just wondering if escargot shells are big enough for a pair of brevis to have as their home? What are peoples experience?

I have other shells however am worried to put them in the tank as they are slightly bigger and that my calvus female and male would both fit therefore problems would occur.

I should have said my calvus pair shares and breeds in teh same tank. They use barnacles as their home.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Tootie,

I haven't used escargot shells for my Brevis Sunspots. I have a variety of shells in their tank and let them choose what they prefer.

I have Green, Brown and Pearl turbo's along with Rysotta Ovums. That different pairs have chosen. I also have smaller shells in the tank also for the fry to hide in.


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I have brevis and calvus in the same tank too, Shirley. I have a range of shells, but a good selection and they seem to sort themselves out OK. I suppose the brevis have chosen a shell that would be too small for my calvus to get into.


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