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new shop in town


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I have been meaning to pay a visit to Neotropical Aquarium @ 77 Middleton Rd Chester Hill for a while now

since it was mentioned at an NSWCS meeting ............... well today I went over to see Hugh and found

a gem of a shop

What a pleasure it was to walk into a well set up, clean shop with healthy fish and reasonable prices

if I had tanks set up I would have walked out with some explaining to do to she who must be obeyed

note to self must go back and buy the P. "deep water" electra

adult P. polits @ $35 ea , 3cm A calvus @ $29 ea ...... there were fish with mouthfuls & pairs with spawns

and that tells you the water is good

if you want fry & sub adult fish at reasonable prices go and have a look as this is a retail shop that is run

by a hobbiest that still has hobbiest values to how he treats the fish

good range of dry goods and he will order in for you from his suppliers if you're after parts and product not

on the shelf

in the immortal words ............... do yourself a favour

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i also visited here yesterday and was going to give a shout out myself. chris hasnt covered half the deals in there, i have not seen fish at that size and price in a shop for years. location is just across the road from the massive bing lee store on the corner of fairfield st and woodville road.

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Hi All

Dropped in to the shop today and was blown away with the quality size and price of his fish to say they are cheap is an understatement. This shop is well worth visiting, sorry Sloany :)

I was there today aswell around midday..

This was my second visit and im still as impressed as i was the first time i went in there. Some great qaulity fish you dont see that much of anymore and most are near adult size aswell. also has your bread and butter at great sizes aswell. Heaps of tanks with fry and females holding so that can onlymean one thing..

Well worth a visit if you havent already been, and Hugh is a top bloke aswell, both times i have been in there he has had a good old chin wag with me :)

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lol weird i was working in that same spot on a housing NSW joint, that was a resteraunt or pizzaria when i was there quick change :p.

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Went to the shop awesome prices for adults I really wish I had tank space for the firemouths $35 and electras $25

Really good prices for a shop good to see this in the hobby will defiantly out compete other shops in Fairfield and auburn on price and quality

Keep it up


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Just got back from neotropical aquariums

good to see a clean shop excellent fish and very very fair prices.

had some stunning fish and ones you don't find every day sizes all breeding size.

Great service would recommend to all to go have a look.


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Hi Guys

Neo Tropical is a new shop in town. I am lucky enough to live only 2 minutes from this little gem. Clean shop great fish and crystal clear water. Looking forward to heading back in there and picking up some stock. If you haven't been there yet you dont know what your missing great fish kept by a great hobbyist. We need more LFS's like this one :)


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