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Breeding Cuckoo Catfish


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Hi all

I've sold off my Calvus and Nigripinnis and so have brevis, electric yellows, and cuckoo catfish left. I also have bumble bee gobies in my tank, which I recommend everyone with rift lake conditions give a try as they have worked for me - nothing in my tank hassles the gobies and they are an interesting little critter to have "swarming" around - plus they are as cheap as anything and I have had them for about one year and they are happy as long as you feed them live food. The only ones I have ever lost were one or two that got squashed in the filter.

I am thinking of converting to saltwater and so might sell the cuckoos (and everything else). I only have two cuckoos - both around 10.5cm, one is fat (with a very fat belly), while the other is skinny. I've had them for about three years and they have never bred. However, they do look like a pair in the way they interact, especially when the electric yellows have bred.

Question is, if I decided to have a go at breeding the cuckoos, what would be a suitable mouthbrooder to throw in with them to see if I can get them to breed?

The mouthbrooder needs to be able to live with electric yellows and the brevis. I was thinking about Pseudotropheus saulosi. Would these be OK? Would they harm the electric yellows? I feed by fish NLS and live mossy wrigglers.

What ever I have I need some colour as my nieces like to look at the fish (especially the gobies) and that's partly why the salousi appeal to me. Plus, the tank is only 3 foot.



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well i have 6 cats and i have they in with Blue Dolphin,l.fuellebornis,Red Zebra,Tropheops sp. "Chilumba"

and e.blues but i only had them come out of the dolphins and fuellebornis they both have big mouth fulls

they are in a 6ft tank


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