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Breeding Tank (Green Terror) Maintenence


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Hello All,

I'm pretty new to the forum (and fish keeping), and this is my first post.

After purchasing my fish tank (75 gal) and cycling the tank, I decided to try my hand at breeding Green Terrors.

I found a very nice (and super aggressive) male (4 1/2 inch) and a pretty little female (3 1/2 inch) and they hit it off straight away....within four weeks I had my first batch! Stoked!! :woohoo:

I generally keep my tank very clean, I run a 1250Lt /hr cannister filter, and perform 1/4 water changes twice a week (through a gravel syphon).

My ammonia is 0, nitrites are 0 and nitrates are <5.

After the fry hatched I don't know whether to clean the tank, do water changes, how to maintain it etc. I am checking my water daily, and the reading as still as above, but the tank is getting pretty dirty.

I can't get my hands on another tank for at least a week (to raise the fry) so I'm not sure what to do. I have visited my two LFS, but they both tell me different things?? :wallbash:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :help:

Cheers Chuck

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put a piece of sponge over the filter intake

just do your normal water changes but keep the syphon away

from where the fry are

fry will be herded around by the female

if/when you take the fry leave some so there is no aggression

for the missing fry


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Hi Guys,

Quick update: Tonight I did what I though at the time was a gentle gravel clean away from her and the fry, and a water change (in hindsight I could have been a bit more delicate).

Unfortunately this stressed her out and she ate all the fry....they were 6 days old. :(

Win some you lose some, the tank had to be cleaned......the Green Terrors and I are both newbies at this.

Next time she (hopefully) breeds I'll have a second tank in place.

Thanks for the advice.

Cheers Chuck

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its normal for the pair to fail the first few attempts at spawning, give it 2 or 3 weeks and they'll have gone through 1 or 2 more practice batches and then they'll be rearing the fry properly, and you might not need a second tank, these fish can actively protect their babies for months, although that depends on how toey the male is

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Thanks joller.

The good news is that she didn't eat them....she just moved them to a hiding space under a log with a lot more privacy.

I couldn't see any so I assumed she ate them after I watched her put them all in her mouth. Her incredible aggression died down a bit as well.

This morning I did another check and they were buzzing around her.

Fish keeping is awesome!!

Thanks guys

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