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Malawi Tank Photos

malawi sand diver

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Hi Rowie, the red cap has settled in well & hes in good shape. I'm currently growing out some females to add in hope it will brighten up his red cap.

Hi Mark, in those photos above, they were all in the big 10 foot tank. I took some more pics tonight of some of my other species and some of the other tanks I have.

Feeding time


Astatotilapia Calliptera



Rubin Red


4cm fry




Regards, Rob

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Nice Rob,

The boy L a is not showing much blue around the head in your photo but hes showing a really dark line and fins are nice

He changes with his mood i found

Calliptera are they breeding? not a lot of these around

nice finage on your Red Rubin

Not many T reef around now either, you have a nice fish there

cheers john

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Hi John

The Acuticeps male is just starting to show a bit of blue and I predict he will start to colour up in a few months time. He has just started bossing around a particular peacock in my tank which is a great sign, since I want him to become the dominant fish in the tank eventually.

The Calliptera have bred, both females I have are quite small but I got 7 fry out of each one when I stripped them the other day. Looking forawrd to getting some large mouthfuls. The dominant male is much brighter than in the picture they are a top fish.

Regards, Rob

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Alex, Seems like a good idea to seperate the Christyi. The big haps are hard to breed and seperating them into their own tank might fire the male up.

Well guys the Acuticeps male has just started to colour up. I have taken some video I'm uploading on YouTube and a couple of shots I'll post in a new thread shortly.

Regards, Rob

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