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Goby's (or Gobies...?)


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Hi all!

I have been doing some research on what to next put in my tank (am planning a tang tank) and have come across Goby Cichlids.

Just wondering if anyone is keeping these or has seen them around? I haven't seen much about them on the forums but may have just missed it.

Anyway, If anyone knows anything please let me know! Particularly interested in 'Tanganicodus irsacae' the little dark ones with blue spots...interesting!



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Yeah i used to keep them when i had tropheus, there's plenty around these days not when i kept them, and you can also get wildcaught ones from shipments, most are of the Eretmodus cyanostictus group.

They can be quite aggressive towards eachother when they are more mature too.

Cheers Mark

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