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Filtration -Bioballs & Marine pure


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Hi All,

I have a new tank 5x2x2 running a 4 foot mini reef filter & 2 x the large blocks of marine pure & the usual filter foam/wool before that. what I was wondering is that I have a heap of Bioballs from my previous tanks & they are just going to waste so i was thinking I should put them into the Sump (as there is heaps of room left over after the Marine pure) but i was wondering if there was nay reason why i should not do this?

I have been told & when i checked on the manufacture's website that for the tank size that is more than enough media but well it just doesn't look like much?

all help appreciated!!


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Surface area of Media like marine pure and matrix is not visible by the eye, this can

be seen under a microscope. Since bacteria are microscopic, any item with a larger

surface area can colonize more bacteria. Think of it like a hotel, the more rooms, the

more people they can book in.

Media becomes useless if there is not sufficient 'food' for the bacteria to

utilise. Again, if you think in terms of a hotel, if they have plenty of rooms to house

people but not enough food to feed them all, you won't have many guests staying

even though the rooms are available.

Hope my analagy was good,


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great analogy :)

bioballs should not be completely submersed, so unless you have water trickling through them i wouldn't bother..

and yeah if the marinepure is eating all the food, then there's no need anyhow

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bio balls provided they have water trickling through them and are not underwater are the best bio media available. Underwater forget it. With water trickling through them the one limiting factor that affects any media that is submersed, doesn't affect them. That is, they have complete access to oxygen. Their main limiting factor is surface area as John points out, but provided you have the ability to house them, just add more. In your case scottay, it sounds like you don't have the facilities nor the need, but if they are just sitting around doing nothing and there is the space, even though it is underwater, why not throw them in.

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