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Neolamprologus Tretocephalus Tank Mates


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Hi Everyone, Im fairly new to this forum, but not to the Cichlid world...

Ive just recently bought a small group of Neolamprologus Tretocephalus (1male to 4females) & although these guys look great by themselves, I wanted to know what fish would make good tank mates & wont ruin the chance of the trets breeding?

Any advice would be great.


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they do get cranky when they breed, but they also get along with anythis really, I find trets are actually pretty sooky compared to a lot of fish..

if they have room, they should be ok i imagine, but any other bluish or stripped fish could be looked on as a threat, as will any rockdweller types that come near their cave ....I would be most worried about the other trets that wont be part of the pair..., in a big enough tank he might serivce a few ladies...

just remember they will bred fairly soon, ~7-8cm, And remember they will get big, f to about 10-12cm, m to about 12-15cm.

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