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Hydor Prime 30


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Hey all, my Hydor Prime 30 filter is sucking air. I cracked the canister bucket after I cleaned it (my fault, didn't line up the slots on the motor with the grooves on the bucket properly), but with some cable ties and silicone, she's all sealed up and doesn't leak a drop!!! So I don't think air is coming through the repaired split.

I've tried vaso around the O-ring, but air still gets in. Where else could air be coming in? When I cleaned the filter, I only removed the motor and didn't remove any hoses. I gravity fill the canister after cleaning so the air is pushed out of the canister when filling. I've tried the usually taps and shakes to shift any small bubbles to the top of the canister. Could it be as simple as an O-ring? I thought if the O-ring wasn't up to scratch, the canister would be more likely to leak than suck air.

I should add that the amount of air in the canister hasn't increased - it seems able to expel it as quickly as it comes in. It's just noisier. So are air bubbles in the canister a problem in the filtration process?

Any tips welcomed.

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