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Filtration and generic advice


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Hi all,

Just getting back into my tank after a few months off and wanted to start nice and fresh! :)

So I have a couple of questions for you all...

I have a standard 4footer (55gal i believe) and I'm running an AquaOne NCF 1200 Canister Filter.

It's been on for 2 years or so now and the rubber seal is looking dodgy...

So do I:

A - Try to replace the seal

B - Ditch it and get an Eheim or Fluval

C - just use it as is and hope there's no drama's.

The last option scares me a little, but I'm not sure if it'll be alright or not?

Also, I want to get a new test kit for everything but they're pricey - what do you guys use? Should i suck it up and spend the money?

And one more thing if you haven't already heard enough from me.... What should I put in it!?!

It'll be Africans, just not sure what to get.

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated!

Cheers all!

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+1 with Matt API master kit :thumb

replace the o'rings take a sample to a bearing seller or o'ring and seal seller or a

hydrualics shop you'll get it for a fraction of what an LFS will charge for genuine

use the yellow pages :yes:

keep the fish you like, just search some of the web galleries for Malawi or Tang

or Victorian or riverine African's


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