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Buescheri eggs


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Hey all,

Thought I'd share some pics of my buescheri eggs. They are just on the underside of the left hand side of the larger rock. They look like grains of sand.

This pair share a std 3ft tank with a young pair of elec blues and a young trio of electric yellows at a tank I set up in the foyer of my work. I originally put 4 buescheri in the tank to grow up a little and pair off. Anyway, it was within a few weeks that I got my first fry. I removed the other two (which were males) and have left the pair to their own devices.

This, as far as I am aware, is their third batch of eggs. I will eventually move the malawi's out and put in some paracyps or something.

I think there are nine eggs there. They never have big clutches of eggs. Hopefully the fry will hatch and survive. I only have 1 fry left (about 2cm) from the previous 2 spawns.

IPB Image

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congrate on succsecfull spawns mate , they can be hit and miss and very picky about their partners.

Pitty we can only get the "kachese" variety in oz. but hey are still very nice tangs..Love the yellow eye shadow!

Mine went darker in a darker tank, didnt like the lights much.

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For the record, they all hatched. Unfortunately the lone surviver from the previous batch has gone. Looks like I'll have to remove fry before the next generation. I'll wait for this lot to grow a little before removing them.

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