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Green terror with white poop


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For the last few days, my Green Terror has been less ferocious during feeding time, and less outgoing. It seemed like it lost its mojo. Still swims around, but hides more than usual. Still colourful.

Today, I noticed white poop coming out of it. It is not the thin and smooth type, but rather thick and wrinkly (more like a rope than a string).

Water parms - Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10, Temp 26 deg.

The main change was introduction of Chemi-Pure to the filter in the weekend. Water was a bit cloudy as I had rinsed it lightly according to the instructions - but perhaps a little bit too lightly.

Do you think it has internal parasites, or something else?

Do I need metro or what other medication would you recommend that is easily available?

If metro, would you recommend any particular vet in Sydney who understands aquarium fish diseases and can prescribe metro?



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I bought it from B&C Aquariums in Matraville.

I had a clown loach in the main tank which was always hiding. After dosing, it is very active... I guess it had some parasites too, and the med didn't adversely affect the clown loaches.

It worked for me within 24 hours.


Thanks Chris.

Some Huey Hung Super Killer did the job. Got its mojo back, eating well, swimming around and pooping red stuff.

What is this Huey Hung Super Killer ? where can we buy it from ? is it readily available in any LFS ?


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I probably wouldnt advertise too much as to where you got it from as i doubt it would be a legal import, for the same reason clout etc is no longer available..

and we wonder why the Govt. is wanting to clamp down on this industry :(

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