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hope this is the right place for this, sorry if its not.

i need to upgrade my camera, have looked around and considering the sony nex-5, 14.2MP Digital Camera with Double Lens Kit - 16mm & 18-55mm Lens - Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor - 3 TFT TruBlack LCD - ISO 12800 - HD Movie & Live View - Supports MSPD/ Pro-HG Duo, SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Card -

just hoping someone has one and can give it the thumbs up, or tell me what the cons are.

thanks for your time.

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You know a big thing with marketing these days is that they can get you to

believe you need something even though you will never utilise half of their


To say what a good or bad camera is, really depends on the user and what

their intentions are... i.e. someone wanting to print 6x4 photos as opposed to

billboard size prints is not going to need nearly the same MP rating which is

often a trap set by marketers.

Multiple lens only become beneficial if you know what your intending to shoot..

there is no need to buy a lens that will never be used. The 16mm lens is a

ultra wide angle designed for landscapes or photos requiring a large field of

view. The other 18-55mm lens would could be used for whole body potraits.

If your intending on taking shots of fish you would be after a higher mm lens

then the ones you have stated.

Hope that has clarified or opened some thoughts for you to consider.



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Im actually looking for agood camera too. Have NO idea what those numbers and letters mean though... lolz :B

thanks for that site


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I agree with noxious n, find out what you need to take pictures of. For a compact camera the nx series are good. Have you looked at the canon G series, like the G11. I just updated a week ago the new canon 60d. My advice is get a dslr, and good lenses. Body can be updated anytime but lenses are always kept. Look at the site topbuys. I got my camera in 3days and saved $600 with three year international warranty. Good luck.

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