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what air pumps do you use ?


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iv done a search on AOA's webpage regarding air pumps since my fish room is comming close to being finnished and il be running both sump and sponges so i after some help by you

there were a heap

Air Pumps

Battery Air Pumps

High Volume Air Pumps

Air Blowers

Electromagnetic Air Pumps

DC Air Pumps

from your experences what and why did you pick the one you are using?

and had you had problems with others before you pick the current pump?

do you run one pump or do you run 2 or more ? this has me confused aswell should i buy 1 powerful one just incase i increase the volume required or pick one that is exactly what il need then add another if required?

sorry about all these questions but i hope to learn from your experiences/mistakes :zipit:

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i run a resun 40 and it runs all my tanks in my fish room i have 20 of them in there

and some have 2 of the big sponges filter in them

i have it hooked up to the pvc pipes that run all the way around the room

i can take the air hose off 1 or 2 fitting and they all run air atfer i do that

it puts out 66L/m of air and it cost me i think $125-$150 some were in there

can't remmber but i had it running now for 1 1/2 yrs 24/7 and it a good air pump

look them up on line if u are running a lot of tanks get 1 or u can get the bigger 1 also


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yanke thank you for that :thumbup: i have afew pumps but only 1 compressor its a hailea aco 208 it pumps out 45L/m

it works great but im not sure if its powerful enough or even if i should run 2

is there any way you could direct me to a link like a DIY for that pipe around fish room? it sounds like something i will do :thumbup: thank you

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the pipe is easy , i used 20mm polly and ran in a loop arround the room , use elbows for the corners with pvc glue, i used the potable glue ( ie safe for dinking water ). make sure you add a bleeder valve to let of excess pressure i put this on the opposite side of the room to the pump.

drill holes ( i think 4mm) where you want to take off an airline and i used the 4mm joiners from irrigation systems to attatch airline to the poly, again pvc glue to make airtight.

i currently use a pond one 4000, its ok but im up to about 30 airstones and its not cutting it anymore, i have 2 LP40's on order ( 2 for $205).

IPB Image

IPB Image

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