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just ordered my new tank


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Hi everone

i have just ordered my new tank its 8x3.5x2.5ft LxWxH

i will be running a 4x18x18 sump with a 5500lt pump

40mm bulk heads x4

will be running

300w jager heater

2 x 3000lt wave makers

2 x Eheim Pro III 2073.

4x 4ft lights with t5 bulbs

i will be getting a pair of rays for this set up

just wanted to know what else i could put in with them

any help would be good..

the bottom will be white sand (play sand from bunnings) cheap as

cheers pennywise

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I guess you're going to want to keep the tank fairly light on decor (to allow footprint for the rays) and also probably want to stay away from any other bottom dwellers that will dominate the rays.

10,000 tetra's?

Come on ducsta mix it up a little 5000 guppies and 5000 tetras

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