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AoA excellent aftersale support


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I ordered a filter from Age of Aquarium on Feb 2010.

Had problems with the built in UV sterilizer. Emailed Ben, and he sent me a replacement UV bulb. Problem fixed! Worked great since.

Currently having problem with increasing rattling noise in filter head although I cleaned and lubricated everything. So I just asked Ben if there is anything else I can do to reduce noise, and he is sending me a new impeller!! (hope this will fix it)

This must be the best after sale support I've ever gotten on anything I have ever bought.

If i am buying any equipment, and its stocked by AoA, that is where i'm going to buy them from. There won't be a second thought thats for sure! Rock solid by AOA!


Not sure if this thread belong here. But i can't find a section for online retailer review.

Just wanted to let others know (probably already well known by most) of the excellent support by AOA.


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As far as the service you have received from Ben.. it is just the standard of service everyone has received from him for many years :thumbup:

He is also a very generous supporter of many aquarium societies around Australia :thumbup:

Always a pleasure to deal with :)


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I had the same experience with a problematic cannister filter....he replaced the unit with a new one and all is good now. Very easy to deal with and was very eager to rectify the problem i was having.

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