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Geo Orange Heads


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It's been 4 or so weeks since i have taken ownership of a pair of Topajos orange heads, when i bought them , the guy told me that they seem to want to lay , but the other fish kept breaking them up...

so anyhow , they are in a tank of their own , with just a couple of clown loach and some common BN ,

well i noticed a week or so back , that they "looked" like they were spawning... but i couldnt see any eggs being laid , so i passed it off as just a mating play around.

OK , so now , i have one of them swimming around by itself out side this fake log , and the other inside the log attacking every other fish that comes around , but mainly protecting one corner of the log , and the only corner that i cant see in to.

no matter how hard i try , i cant get a good angle... but the one that is protecting this spot has not come out for about 5 days now... not even to feed.... that i have seen.

maybe they have laid?

i wont count my chickens yet , but would be a very happy boy if they have...

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By the sound of it they probably have laid, but generally they should have already picked them up, after 3 - 4 days.

So who knows, hopefully they have, female should have a Mouthful by now, so just look at her mouth.

Cheers Mark~

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