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Changing from small tank to bigger tank


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Hey all!.

Um i have a Question

I have recently purchased a new tank, i have cleaned the tank, and put the contents from old tank into new tank (water pebbles filter heater ornaments). The new tank is only half full. Can i just fill the rest of the tank up with tap water wich has been treated with prime? Then Add Fish??

Thanks in advance,


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Hey mate,

Sounds like you have kept most of the stuff that holds bacteria. As long as the filter media from your previous tank is being used it sounds like your ready to go. Just add more treated water, let the temp raise and in the fish go. Keep an eye out for any ammonia and nitrite spikes. Is your old filter big enough for a tank double in size?

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Thanks for the reply!,

Yeh i have put the old filter in, Plus i have another tank setup, same size as the new one with one of those corner box filters in there, so i have taken that out and added it to the new tank also. The purpose of the new tank is to grow out some fry, so i think the old filter and the corner filter should be fine?

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