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Hi all first post for me, i have 2 tanks, both aqua one, first tank is angels. gouarmi's, tetra's and neons, small 68ltr, my big tank aqua one 980 has my cichlids, all african i think (hope). Also have a clown loach, bristle nose catfish. My cichlids are electric blue, very blue, electric yellow and zebras and there bubs, and a few others. I wanted to add more fish and wondered to how many would. Not wanting tank aggression. The tank has 2 distinct

areas, the zebras and there babies have half a submarine and the rest have the other half. Let me know your ideas. Looking at rarer less common fish.


Aaron :)

For sale section on this forum at all?

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I started out with Africans in the same tank but just kept dwarf species from Malawi for the most part. I had plenty of rocks and hiding spots for them, all of what I kept were common but still looked great such as cobwe, saulosi, peacocks. I had around 20 or so of them but also had females and the breeding of the saulosi in particular got out of hand so I'd reccomend just males.

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Hi Aaron and welcome :)

click the link for info on Terms and Conditions for access to the classifieds

classifieds details

there is an application template at the bottom of the page for you fill out and sent to the address listed

can you advise the size of the fish in the tank so our members can help you

do you have any preferred species or size limit in mind ?


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