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Angelfish eggs

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Two angelfish have spawned in my community tank on an air riser and are defending a 30cm cube at the end of the tank against all comers!

I bought them as little triangles from a lady on petlink with a houseful 6 months ago. I bought ten and in a 6 footer they have grown fast and started pairing up. Dad is a gold marbled and mum is a silver and black veil tail

They are doing well picking and fanning the eggs and have bonded strongly. Because of the competition the fry will be lucky to reach free swimming stage where they are, Once their tails are wriggling a little i will take the riser and float a little plastic tank in the main tank and airstone them.

I have tried yeons ago with angels only to have them eat the fry themselves or have the eggs fungus out etc etc so i am not taking orders yet!! Hopefully this time i will grow my own little triangles, or perhaps a peppermint is eating right them now now that the lights are out!


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Why not leave the light on? Peps like the eggs Mum & Dad should keep them away if you leave a little light on.

Deep tub and airstone you can keep mum with them or leave them in tank a few days more.

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Grats on the spawn! Good luck with the fry, hope to see some pics down the track of them, I still have a soft spot for angels :-).

Thanks mate,

Unfortunately they didn't last the night....

there is always a bright side...peppermints grow well on live food

see how they go in a fortnight in their own tank


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