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Canberra contacts?


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Hello to all! I am enquiring as to any cichlid community here in Canberra, if any? I'm sure there would be surely? Are there meetings like in Sydney and where would the better retail buying places be if any?


would be great to meet some like minded folk here in the ACT!

Cheers everybody

Hope to see some posts soon.

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Thanks Josh.

Yep there is a an underground community of cichlid-holics me being one of them. We prefer to do most of our dealings in dark carparks :lol4: . Most the CDAS members tend have soft water tropicals with one or two tanks but there are a few of us who concentrate on Africans cichlids like myself and Laurie who have way to many (yet never seems enough) tanks.

As to Local fish stores. there aren't too many who have Africans, Neptunes haven and Jem Aquatics are the main ones. I tend to take my fish to Sydney as the interest and bio-diversity we cichlid enthuiasts love, simply isn't here. I also get most of my bloodlines from Sydney area with some fish like native rainbows and dwarf cichlids getting shipped in from around the country. And take the fry back there to help pay for my next round of purchases :thumb



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