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Water temp for geophagus

sam w

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30 degree's is too much only use temps this high for parasites and when medicating, higher temps wont make them grow quicker, leave the temp at 28 that is the best temp for them.

If you want them to grow fast, then do regular water changes(weekly 40-50%) or more frequently in smaller amounts, and feed a good balanced diet of good quality food.

Cheers Mark~

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I think I remember reading something that said prestige was closing up. I could be wrong.

You are right on prestige closing down,

they closed down only last week, not many people knew about there closing , but many were notified via email,

i also received one of there emails, stating the closing of business,

there website only closed just 2 days ago on the 31/8/10

However the food itself has been taken over by another aquarium company Aqua-Pics, the labels will be similar but with Aqua-Pics as the logo rather than Prestige, With the Aqua pics taking over they will be some differences, some ingredients for certain foods will be changed such as the algae wafers

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:) I only have my Geo's at 26 dec inside.I find mine love any veg's. frozen B shrimp once a week, as said food and water conditions is more helpfull.30 dec too high and costly.I only do 20% water changes.??
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