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salt - a couple of interesting articles


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I can only comment on what tanks our family has had.

1 Community tank with Cories, tetras, BNs, Betta and hatchets. I read lots of posts about catifsh being scaleless and therefore intolerant to salt. LFS guy said that was not completely true and they are fine with a small amount. Catfish dieing has not been the issue in there.

2 Malawi tank. I started with no salt and then slowly built up with Seachem stuff. I found they got friskier and coloured better with cichlid salt. Very anecdotal evidence. LFS guy reckons he has had customers with fish that bred easily and suddenly stopped. Adding salts kicked off breeding again!

I did more reading and there were suggestions that the salt reducing stress was a myth. Interesting reading about the fish in transport on your links.

Frankly I am more confused that ever but am doing what is working in my tanks and may end up changing my mind anyway.

I once asked on a forum about the catfish and salt thing. I felt like a troll with the reaction it caused.

Found these interesting articles on salt with freshwater fish

Frequently asked questions on using salt

Frequently asked questions on salt and transporting fish

what are your views on the use of salt before and now :yes:


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Is that aquarium salt or rift lake salt.

before reading:

add salt in times of stress, but mostly cos my lfs told me to.

after reading:

no change.

intresting read, thanks for the link.

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