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a few africans


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thanks mate, yeh it will be 2 years in october.

yeh i do like having a clean tank, im running 2 2217's with standard eheim media and an aquaone 1000 canister full of crushed coral and along with the 25kg of texan holey rock i do not require to buffer the water.

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haha no he definately is no pussy cat now, he is the boss of the tank. he has put the largest frontosa in his place.

the substrate is just 1mm round black gravel i got from a landscapping mob up newcastle way, only cos me $16 to put that stubstrate in the 4ft x 2ft.

the peacock, believe it or not, is the fry from a ngara flametail female and an albino peacock male. he was completely white but no other colours what so ever.

i dont endorse hybridizing at all. it happened by accident in my quarentine tank at the time. they were in there as my display tank had a massive ammonia spike.after i put the albino back in the display tank about a month later i realised the ngara had a mouth full.

i decided to grow them up and see what they looked liked. at about 2cm i picked the biggest one out of the fry and fed the rest to my frontosa

and that is how he turned out.

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noxious_nasties , where did you get your rubin red from?

are you breeding them?

i would love a male if you are.

I have a two bunches of fry on the way but mr noxious has asked for first dibs. See the thread in the photography forum. If you are Impatient try out aquariums at Asquith.
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