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Growth rates of Ancistrus


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Question 1

have some albino fry about the 1-1.5cm what is the usual growth rates for fry this size to double in size to become roughly sellable size?

I have grown albinos from 3cm- breeding size in about 8 months but not sure 1cm-3/4cm.

Question 2

I would have been speak to some breeders who breed bristlenose and Ls in numbers and they seem to say that peps have the same growth rates as all other ancistrus at this size 1-3/4cm, they have explained that it takes roughly a month and a half for a ancistrus to become sellable is this correct?

Question 3

Also i would like to know from experience how fast a peperment of around 3-4cm has grown to 8cm?



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I would say bristlenose @ 2-3cm total length are too small for sale in most cases. There is a huge difference in size between a 2-3cm & 4cm bristlenose and the 4cm are much better suited for sale.

From experiance, I would say in most situations it takes about 3 months from newly hatched to 4cm. This can vary hugely though dependant on food, tank size, water change frequency.

I havn't raised albinos in the past, but it does seem that sometimes albinos experiance slower growth. I can't confirm this but it is something I have heard before.

Peppermints do seem to have the same growth rate up to 5cm even. After that they seem to slow down. I don't think anyone can answer your question though. It is too dependant on the growth prior to the 3-4cm. For all we know it could have taken 12 months to reach that size and now has stunted growth. You can expect though as a rough guide to get a peppermint from 3cm to 8cm within a year. I've found it takes peppermints approximately 2 years to reach adult size (And hence begin breeding)

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Depends on food, water condition's etc, but what Sam says is about right.If you keep the food up to them and water changes daily then they grow faster.Not seen tank size being a problem as long as they are not over too crowded.I've found it best in smaller tanks so they find the easy and pig out.

I've found commons to grow faster than pepps but not much in it when young.

Pepps take longer to mature & be ready to breed.

I think they should not be sold under 3cm +.

Your doing well to get them to 3+cm in 6 weeks!!!!

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