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can these 2 breeds be kept together for breeding?


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i have a pair of Melanochromis and group of 1m 3f Fuelleborni both young about 10cm give take i think 1 of the female Fuelleborni is holding hoping for cuckoo !

i think i seen it happen not sure because it was 2 females? courting and jaw locking ?then i saw the cuckoo fly past sorry through ! the courting only went on for about 15 to 30seconds could one of my females be male?

this is just a sugestion cause i cant be 100% that the female holding was one of the 2 in the courting?

do females court each other ?

any suggestions to this will help me decide on housing

also when i move these fish i think ill vent them just incase !

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Fuellborni females are Orange Blotch (OB) males are blue or can be Blue Blotch (BB) but they is a varient with Orange male

I see no reason why you can't keep Fuelleborni and Maingarno together


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