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kevinicus's tank


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Looks great, love the way you've scaped it...

plant list?

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Same here. I think I am the only person to have melted penny wort.

Looks great! I love planted tanks but unlike my gardening skills my aquarium thumb isnt green :-)

I've never given it a good go, to intimadating for my liking lol

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Hey guys, thanks for your kind words.

the plant list is as follows

Pogo helferi

Blyxa Japonica


eleocharis vivipara

@CT: I think the plant you are referring to is the vivipara, it grows like a weed and I havn't had a hard time with it. I grow mine under 150W MHs but would imagine it would be fine under low lights similar to the dwarf hair grass found in LFS.

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