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My Tank


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lol yeah it seems that way but i have no idea how to post pics online

hope some one can help us out

I upload my pics to photobucket.com and the once they are there you can link them to this site.

At photobucket you click on the pic that you want to post here and copy the link.

Then you open this page and click the image icon.

Then do a post preview to see if it worked.

That should get you sorted.


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IPB Image
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hi thanks its hard to geta good pic of it.

have 12 assorted types of peacocks different sizes

1 sulfar crested litho

1 venustus

1 frontosa

2 maingeos

5 electric yellows

4 forrest jewels

3 blue things lol that i got as tester fish of a mate

a fair few albino and normal BN

about 10 gold and normal sucking cats

1 hongi

sorry about spelling not really up to the names of them all just really like them and the colours they produce.

many more fish to come

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