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i want to get anubias plants


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Hi All

i want to get 5-8 anubias plants for my display tank.

1 : how much do they cost usualy?

2 : anyone know or can recommend users from this forum to buy from ?

and do i just put them in the gravel or tie them to a rock..i don't want drift wood cause of ph reasons.

i read that if you bury the roots they rot ?

any help will be great and if you selling some please let me know prices...

i am also looking at tall plants ..are anubias tall plants or there is better plants to but

they will be going in a tanganika tank .....good or bad .........have no idea

thank you

lol BTW is it anubias or anubis

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java fern and anubias (the ones on driftwood usually) are pretty hardy.

you can tie them on sand stone or similar and eventually it will root itself on to it. many people use driftwood or rocks.

different sizes which is different prices. buy i heard its cheapest to buy online..

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I use A barteri broadleaf and find these the best one to use for hard water. I have tried a LOT of other anubias and they do not do as well.

You can tie to a rock or put straight into the gravel. When you buy them cut off excess roots, so only 2-3 cm remain, and remove poor qualuty leaves. This way the roots will not rot.

You can ususally buy anubias in different sizes, small to large..so just hold off till you find large ones. Cost?



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